Thursday, June 28, 2007

An update...

Katie's 6th Birthday April 18We threw her a Hawaiian princess birthday party with all the festivities. I even made her a "cake" that resembled a sandcastle.

Tater's 4th Birthday, May 1
We threw Tater a pirate birthday which included a treasure chest as the cake with golden coins and eye patches. It was fun for everyone!

Rex's 2nd Birthday May 13
Elmo is definitely Rex's favorite thing! When he first saw his Elmo cake Mr. A had to keep him from eating it all by himself! He loves Elmo and was thrilled to have Elmo everywhere he looked.
Well, we passed "birthday season" in our house!!! Bella turned 6 April 18th, Obi turned 4 May 1st, we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary May 12th, Rex turned 2 May 13th, and Mr. A turned 29 May 21st. That is not including all the birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, births and etc from our extended family and friends in the past couple months. Let's just say we survived and hopefully didn't miss anyone.

Katie with her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. H
Katie ended her year as a kindergartner with a little presentation put on by her class. There was singing, dancing and a few tears!

Mr. A finished up his second year teaching at PV which has been wonderful. He loves teaching! It seem to come rather natural. He will be rather a successful teacher!

Jack-jack is now rolling over and sitting up!!! Yeah!!!
It is currently swimsuit season, which isn't very exciting when your baby is only 4 months old but no one seems to be at the pool in the morning so I feel rather okay with wearing my swimsuit every so often. My sister and I have been working hard at Gold's Gym to shed some of those not so pleasant "baby bellies!" It is rather exhausting at 6am but we are hoping that it will pay off in the end. Such is life, right? This is our "supermodel" pose!
Mr. A is in SL right now at a teaching conference learning a little more about how to teach computer programming. All of us are missing him even though he's only been gone since Tuesday night. The Princess has asked at least every 2 hours when he'll be back, Obi and Rex are both praying that he'll come home safely. Even when they're just playing with their toys.

I'm at home with 7 children, 4 are mine and then the other 3 are my sisters who is trying to get in her visiting teaching before the month is through. Jack-jack is snuggled up to me trying to get his last meal in for the night, my nephews are wondering how much longer they have to lay on my couches, Rex is crying because he is sure that someone is up having fun without him and the rest are sleeping soundly (Hopefully!) Well all is well at our house.