Sunday, April 21, 2013

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

This party was fun to decorate for! Katelyn and I were able to find tons of ideas on the perfect Alice in Wonderland decorations and games. We made sure to include a photo booth of crazy, the game of croquet, drink me water bottles, flowers with eyeballs, a white rabbit, crazy direction signs, cupcake decorating, and more.

The girls loved the photo booth I bought from Target a little while ago! We got lots of pictures of the girls making silly faces. They were all excited to participate. We played croquet which worked with some girls but we had too many for a slow paced game. The other girls jumped on the trampoline. We also played a family favorite of clothespin tag. Everyone starts with five clothespins on their shirts and a time limit to go. As soon as the time starts your goal is to get as many clothespins on your shirt as you can by stealing them from the other players. You cannot take more than one at a time and have to pin it on your shirt before taking the next one but watch out, they can do the same to you! This always ends up being lots of fun! When the time runs out the player with the most clothespin wins. Decorating cupcakes was another really fun activity. We decorated cupcakes the Mad Hatter Tea Party way. Everyone started out by with frosting their cupcakes for about 30 seconds and then when the time was up they passed it maybe a couple times to the right, maybe a couple times to the left. We switched about four times and then I gave them about ten more seconds to add anything they wanted before they got to eat them. We served these with fruit kabobs that said eat me and water bottles that said drink me. Plus Zack's carmel popcorn for fun! They also had cute teacups to drink soda pop. Katelyn was spoiled with lots of fun gifts from her friends, had a blast playing, laughing and hanging out with all her friends.

We finished off our party mood with another family party with a mad hatter aka topsy turvy bright pink zebra print birthday cake and ice cream too. It was a birthday to remember!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy 12th Birthday to Miss Katelyn

I cannot believe our girl is already 12! Let the party begin!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Turtle Power

Zack got all his little boys turtle shirts! Now we have the whole Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crew at our house. Seems like everything we used to play with as children are coming back for our kids in a new age style!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Our little nursery lady

Our sweet miss Brooklyn is 18 months old! She got to attend nursery for the first time, which was so exciting for her and Mommy! Brooklyn is such a sweet little girl. She loves playing with her brothers and big sister. She is very friendly and already plays with all the little girls she can find. She'll go find a new friend to play with every time we attend a soccer or baseball game or practice.
Brooklyn loves to give hugs and kisses. Her favorite person in the whole world is her daddy. She has him tightly wrapped around her little finger. She loves animals, babies, everything girly and her family. She is very social but still doesn't say much. You can always tell when Brooklyn is excited because she will squeal with delight and clap her hands. She is a tease and very fast. She runs and hides when she's doing something naughty and gets caught. She laughs and growls at her brothers and jabbers all the time. She is a bundle of energy and giggles! Life just wouldn't be the same without her!  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chocolate pudding anyone?!?

Brooklyn is one messy eater!

Citizen of the Month

Look who is a pretty big deal at school this month!

Friday, April 5, 2013

PVC Pipe Bike Rack

With all these munchkins and bikes we needed a little organization to the backyard. I cannot stand chaos so I've been looking at bike racks for a little while but with the $150+ price tag I've been a bit hesitant. I finally found what I was looking for on a blog of a mom with her own family of 8:

It turned out great and the instructions were super easy to follow! Plus $30 was right in my price range!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cousin Love

These little girls were adorable together! Brooklyn (17 mos), Camlyn (12 mos) and Madison (7 mos) so cute and loveable! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

A little water fun and a carousel

We have a great splash pad down on Main Street but when the wind blows it is just too cold! The kids were all playing in the water but the wind started blowing and the kids were done!

There is a carousel at the Main Street Park that the kids love to ride so we took them over for a quick ride. They loved it but Katelyn wimped out on us!