Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

We spent Thanksgiving with my family here in St George. Zack got up early and played a turkey bowl with the guys in our ward. I woke up to the leaves pouring off the tree, literally the all fell off within two hours. Pretty much all the trees in the neighborhood were coming off just like that. We raked a huge pile of leaves under the tree in our front yard and let the kids jump in them. They loved it! We then headed over to my parents house for a Thanksgiving feast. There was lots of good food and family to visit with. We spent all weekend enjoying being together and playing around!

This year we have been very blessed. We have good jobs, a comfortable home, a healthy family and good kids. God has been very mindful of us and blessed us abundantly.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Our little wrestler

William is wrestling this year at PVHS on their junior wrestling team. He is definitely still in the learning phase of things but enjoyed his first tournament this weekend. He won his second match and would have won his third if he didn't keep rolling himself on his back. He thought the whole thing was great and was such a fighter. Once he figures out how it all works, he has a lot of potential and is built for the sport.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Most Embarrassing Moment

See this kid? He looks cute and innocent right? Well, on Sunday morning we went to church and sat with Charles and Erica who were visiting. The kids were being just normal kids and behaving for the most part. Matthew pulled out all the charms for this young couple that were sitting behind us, he was grinning and chattering at them for most of the meeting. Zack was sitting up on the stand as usual with the rest of the bishopric. We were sitting about midway from the front of the chapel.

Nothing was out of the ordinary until the last speaker got up and started giving his talk. I was on the end of the row, Matthew was in front of my legs playing with cars on a hymn book. I leaned over to ask Joshua to quit ripping the paper off all of the crayons, when Matthew escaped up to the stand were his dad was. I don't let my kids go wandering around during sacrament meeting! This is a big no no for us! Matthew wouldn't sit still on Zack's lap so Zack told him to go back and sit with Mommy. Matthew got down from Zack's lap and walks off the stand about 3 feet from the stairs. I ask him to come back and sit with me, where he says "no" and turns around to head back up the stairs...

His little pants start to fall down his little waste as he gets back up the stairs. He gets to the top of the stairs with his little bum facing everyone in the congregation. He bends over and pulls his pants down to his ankles. Basically mooning everyone with his diaper still on of course! The speaker laughs, as well as the rest of the congregation, and tells Zack he's got a little problem over here. Zack gets up and brings Matthew to me. We were both very embarrassed, I was at least as red as a tomato. I went out in the foyer with Matthew for the rest of the meeting! We had several people come up to us after the meeting thanking us for a good laugh!

Halloween Fun!

Our Halloween was very busy this year! Charles and Erica came to visit and join in the festivities. The kids had a Halloween parade at school and class parties on Friday. Our ward and another who meet in our building had a trunk or treat in the church parking lot with chili and cornbread for everyone! The kids also went trick or treating on Saturday night in my grandparents' neighborhood. We got lots of loot, way too much candy to be a good thing! They all had fun dressing up and eating candy.

Zack was dressed as a pirate. Alisha is wearing a shirt with tattoo sleeves and funky hair. Katelyn was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and loved her ruby slippers. Erica put makeup on her so she was feeling pretty fancy! Taylor was complete with the whole Harry Potter get up! He is so excited for the next Harry Potter movie to come out. We read all the books this past summer. William was a valiant knight! Joshua was the thing from the Fantastic 4 (he calls it "the Rockman") and little Matthew was Elmo including the Elmo slippers!

We had a great Halloween how about you?