Sunday, March 21, 2010

Toothfairy Woes

The toothfairy has been rather busy in our house. She's been visiting a lot lately, both Katelyn and Taylor have kept her quite busy! They both lost a tooth this weekend and keep showing more loose ones to come. Maybe I'll have to start serving them mush if they loose many more.

Taylor pulled out his own tooth yesterday at Grandma Belt's birthday party with the help of his cousin Braxton and Uncle Cameron. It looked like he was a little shaken after the whole ordeal but waking up with money under your pillow seems to relax the nerves!

Katelyn has been loosing teeth left and right. She's got a rather small jaw like her daddy so these grown up teeth are finding some fun places to peak out at! Maybe I should have married an orthodontist instead!

Zack's new side job!

After a rather yucky November and December we thought it best to find another "extra income" position for Zack. I was steered toward craigslist where I found a part time position as a GED tutor at Stevens Henager College here in Saint George. After going through all the hoops he started working there at the end of February. He seems to be enjoying it and the schedule is much better for both of us! We knew when he decided to pursue teaching that he would need to supplement our income since we both felt it was very important that I stay home with our babies. We have always been blessed with great opportunities for Zack and our family. This newest adventure is no different, we have been well guided by the Lord!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Soccer Coach

Katelyn and Taylor both loved soccer last year so I didn't hesitate to put them in again this year. Taylor's team needed a coach and since I'm not watching Jaerick anymore I thought why not? Actually I was a little reluctant but the organizer sounded really motivating plus a friend of mine down the street was willing to partner up with me so... Here I am Taylor's soccer coach! In charge of 12 little six year olds teaching them soccer! I am really enjoying it! We've had a couple practices and won our first game which happened to be against our other neighbors who live a couple blocks away. Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Activity Days: Chores

I found many ideas for Developing Talents #7 from the website, created by a lady who was an Activity Days leader for 3 years. She has lots of information and fun ideas!

First we cut strips of the words from Exodus 20:12 and D&C 58:27, we unscrambled the phrases to complete the scriptures. I then asked the girls questions in regards to these scriptures and talked about how helping around the house is important for each one of us.

Second, I set up a chore relay for the girls to do including picking up and folding towels on the bathroom floor, wiping off the mirror (I used a little dry erase marker as the smudge), make a bed, change a diaper (don't worry it was just a doll), hang up a shirt and put the toys away. We timed them and they all cheered each other on. It was highly competitive!

Third, I had the girls list 5 things they do around the house and 5 things they could do around the house. We then made coupon books using our lists. It worked out well!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break 2010!

Our Spring Break was rather eventful without much traveling. I made sure to keep everyone quite busy. We played, watched movies, read Harry Potter with the older kids, built wooden puzzles, did crafts, planted our garden and a half dozen trees, took care of my parents dog while my parents were away, played with cousins and kept Zack doing lots of fun projects. He set up a laundry line, planted several trees, put trim around the front windows, built shutters, added closet doors to the kids' closets, built a shelf in our shed and built me a wooden bench for our entryway!

I figured if he was home for a week I better get him working on the honey-do list before he was too busy again! It rained most of the week so we had many activities to do indoors until the weather cooperated. I was amazed at how much Zack accomplished in such a short time, I think I'll keep him! My camera is not working properly and I've been working with it as much as I can but I think it is time it gave up the ghost cause my pictures are suffering and we have many pictures to take in our future! If you have any recommendations please let me know.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Activity Days: Cleaning the nursery toys

As a service project for our Activity Day girls, we had them clean the toys in our nursery using disinfectant wipes. They worked, played and gabbed while doing some much needed service. After they finished we played a game of tag in the cultural hall and then fed them yummy rice crispy treats!