Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rain Gutter Regatta

For pack meeting we had a rain gutter regatta which Taylor took third place in! You'd never be able to tell with his chipperness! He got a king-size candy bar as his prize, so picked on for sure! Zack was super busy with all of his summer work and teaching a certification course for the Utah Department of Education the week of. Taylor had to put up with a bit of pregnancy hormones while I tried to make it all work, maybe that was were his attitude came from. He does love cub scouts and has learned about all kinds of things in the short time he's been in it. Thanks to all the cub scout leaders who put up with a bunch of young, hyperactive boys and actually teach them a thing or two!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pioneer Day Weekend 2011

We headed up to Panguitch Lake with my family this year for the Pioneer Day weekend. Brandon and Goldie even came all the way from Detroit to join us. Each family was in charge of a time for games and my parents brought their 4-wheelers which most people used whenever a chance arose. My parents did a doughnut on a string competition, Stephanie and Tim had a relay, Jennifer and Cameron did another relay and Zack and I did several minute to win-it games. It turned out to be lots of fun!

The kids had lots of fun and were able to play with their cousins and have lots of fun just being kids. For me being pregnant and camping don't mix, my dad had brought a cot to make it a little more comfortable which helped. It was much cooler up in the mountains but July is hot pretty much everywhere!

We'll see where we head next year!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brotherly Love

These little men are all getting along so well this summer! It makes mama so happy when her little men can play together and not hurt each other. Boys are so much different than girls, at least mine are. These guys love to tackle and wrestle all the time. Everyone of them seems to enjoy it so it works for me. Matthew is into wrestling his brothers all the time, he wants to be included in everything the older boys do. Katelyn is our mama hen so if I'm even slightly busy I can always find Matthew clinging to his sister or wrestling the other boys. It will be quite a change having a little girl join the clan!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Riding a two wheeler

Our little Joshua didn't want to be left out when it came to riding bikes this summer and a bike with training wheels just doesn't cut it! With a little help from Daddy our little man was riding down the street on two wheels only after just a few tries! He loves it and goes so much faster and is able to keep up with the other kids, if he wants to.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day

We celebrated the fourth of July with swimming and a BBQ at my parents' home. The kids love to get together with their cousins and just play. Grandma and Grandpa Belt were able to make it which was great. We love to visit with them. The food was good but the company was better! Matthew slept through most all of it but was able to enjoy a bit towards the end. Everyone had a good time and were ready to watch fireworks when we left.

We headed over to the Sunbowl to enjoy the evening festivities. Steph kept all the older kids busy with a game of Uno and the rest of us kept the younger ones busy with Otter pops until the fireworks started. As usual the fireworks were great and the mountain caught on fire! It must be a tradition or something cause every year that mountain is on fire shortly after they start lighting the fireworks even with all the watering by the firemen! We are so thankful to live in this great nation. We have been so blessed by our freedoms and the sacrifices of so many brave souls keeping those freedoms alive! We thank God for blessing us to be part of this great country!