Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Picture

Here is a picture of the kids Easter clothes, I was too busy with the hustle and bustle of Easter morning so I finally took a picture of the kids in their Sunday best the Sunday after Easter. Don't they just look so cute!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Birthday Captain

The teacher assigned all the summer birthdays to be a birthday captain at different times throughout the school year and since Obi's preschool ends before his birthday he was the Birthday Captain today!!! He brought a poster with pictures of him throughout all of his life. Obi also picked out the snack for preschool and I got to volunteer for the day. He had his little brothers come with us which was such an adventure to say the least. We took this picture the night before so that I remembered to take one!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crazy Wedding Weekend

Happy Easter!
Our Easter weekend was extremely busy!!! My little sister was sealed in the St George Temple on Saturday morning and we attended her rehearsal dinner the night before, helped my mom decorate for the reception, we went to an Easter Egg hunt at Walmart shortly before the sealing, helped out/attended the reception until 10:30pm and tried to maintain our sanity on Sunday morning with four very tired children on sugar highs during sacrament meeting, Mr. A as the chorister and leading the choir as they sang, and covering for the nursery teachers afterwords. It was a very hectic weekend to say the least! Bella woke up early Sunday morning and dragged Jack-Jack downstairs to go see what the Easter bunny had brought. Obi and Rex refused to join them until after 8:30am.
Rex is trying to show off his chocolate Easter bunny.
Obi finally was dragged out of his bed by his dad around 8:30 but not without some pity for the poor kid! They were exhausted!

Bella in her tutu with her daddy!
These are all the ones on our side!

All the kids!!! A fairly difficult picture to take.

Our family!

This is the Walmart Easter Egg hunt. I made the kids stop and take a picture on the way back to the car, they weren't very happy about it! There Easter baskets were chucked full of eggs and treats. Rex won the Easter basket that Mr. A is holding, it's Spongebob Squarepants!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Relief Society Birthday Party

Our relief society put on a birthday party to celebrate the relief society. We had a cake decorating competition! I took third place! The kids were trying my patience as we left the house before the event. Rex smashed up all the excess cake and poured the bag of powdered sugar on the table until I stopped him. Jack-Jack was begging for cake and had it all over him, he thought the chocolate fudge was wonderful. The older kids ate some frosting while they were supposed to be getting their shoes on which in turn left blue frosting all over their smug little faces. Rex took his shoes off 4 times before we made it out the door. Needless to say, we arrived about 10 minutes after judging had begun, I might have taken first place. I did receive a tile with "Be Steadfast and Immovable always abounding in Good Works" Mosiah 5:15 on it! It was a fun night. They served a potato bar with cake for dessert and a short program followed. They also provided babysitting which was wonderful since Mr. A doesn't usually come home until 7:30 or later.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bella's Ears Pierced

Bella has been wanting her ears to get pierced for a long time. Whenever she draws a picture of herself, her ears are always pierced. We were going to wait until she turned eight but that has already got so many exciting things to it so I thought she could get them pierced at seven. Since my little sister is getting married this Saturday and her birthday is only a month away, we decided that now would be a great time. I took her in on Saturday afternoon with my mom while Mr. A watched the boys. Good thing she did! As we entered Claire's there was a little girl about Bella's age getting her ears pierced and during it all the lady with her kept talking about how much she cried and was surprised that this little girl wasn't. What was this lady thinking?!?! I thought I could die at that moment! I'm not taking my daughter here to torture her. As they left, I was very nervous for Bella. I distracted her with lots of fun items they had on the walls at Claire's, especially Hannah Montana. She sat very still on the chair and got her ears pierced without any problems at all. If my mom wasn't there I think I would have been a basket case or left without getting it done. Bella loves her new earrings and just asks me to be soft when I clean her ears. I think they will look adorable in the wedding pictures!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Book Review: A Child Called "It"

I haven't had much time for reading lately but was able to squeeze a short story into my day. I read the book A Child Called "It". This is an incredibly sad story about a boy who was extremely abused by his mother. For unknown reasons she picked him out of her four children to be cruel to, to show no love but real hate. The book made me want to hold my children a little tighter and make sure they all know how much I love them. No one should have to go through the cruelty of abuse. To think that a child would have to live in survival mode is horrific in itself but that someone so close to him would chose to torture him like that is pure EVIL!!! Life is too precious!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Boys just being boys!

Jack-Jack loves riding the rocking horse! He gets on it all by himself and rides into the sunset!

Mommy with the younger kids. I'm not allowed to call Rex a baby anymore, he gets mad and no one wants to see his angry face!
Jack-Jack is now into putting his bowl on top of his head when he finishes his meals, it is rather messy!
Obi is "being tough" in this picture with Rex.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Indoor Baseball

Mr. A was concentrating awfully hard for a pitch from Rex. I believe he was more concerned that Jack-Jack didn't get hit rather than swinging at the ball.

My dad bought Jack-Jack a small bat and ball for his birthday. The boys decided that it was a small enough toy to play inside! Fortunately, nothing was broken but I think baseball will have to remain an outdoor sport for our family!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chess Tournament

Mr. A was a chaperon for the students at PV in Chess club who attended the state tournament. They left Thursday to Northern Utah and competed at WHS on Friday and Saturday. The students did very well and only one kid at the tournament was caught cheating but it took the board 45 minutes to decide to exclude him from the tournament (duh?!?). The trophies weren't awarded until 5pm Saturday and after the ceremony ended about 6pm, they all headed home. It was snowing terribly. They traveled through a snow storm all the way down to Southern Utah. Mr. A said they stayed in the middle of the storm most of the way. After taking all the chess club kids home Mr. A was knocking on the front door at 4am Sunday morning to go to bed. My van looked like a tornado had hit it both inside and out. Teenagers are very sloppy and so are husbands who hang out with teenagers! The most frustrating aspect of the trip was that all my kids came down with a terrible head cold: coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose, watery eyes, fevers, and a whole lot of whining! I was left for 3 days with four sick kids who wanted Mom to know how miserable they were!!! My sister came into town but we weren't able to visit much because of the germs. It was a miserable weekend and no hubby to break up the "fun"! I'm sure Mr. A had lots more fun than I did!