Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bonewell Easter Egg Hunt 2013

We've been having an annual Easter egg hunt and dinner with my parents for the past several years. The kids were spoiled without end this year! What a stash! The kids loved finding eggs that the "older boys" hid over at my parents ward building. There was a large field and lots of bushes to hide/find eggs. Everyone was kind enough to bring a lot of plastic eggs filled with goodies for the kiddos but snitching candy? That's only for moms! Please excuse my boy! He thinks clothing is optional!

We had a great dinner provided by everyone. Lots of yummy food! Plenty of leftovers too. Karen was the queen of clean keeping the cleanup under control. It was great!

No family get together is quite complete without a arm wrestling match to finish off the evening! And the winner is...We loved having so much family around for the week! My cousin Karen, her husband Spencer and their four children came down from Washington. My brother Brandon, his wife Goldie and their four kids came over from Michigan. Plus all the family who lives in town, minus Grandpa and Grandma Belt who were enjoying the holiday at home, were all together. Lots of kiddos to play with!

Happy Easter morning

What a great Easter morning! Our little ones were so excited for the Easter part later in the evening that they were totally surprised that there was a small Easter treat for them when they woke up. Zack and I stayed up rather late while I made liners for their Easter baskets cause I'm a bit crazy like that! They turned out really nicely and now they have baskets we can use year after year instead of the regular sand pails and buckets that are broken or missing well before summer is over.

This picture was so hard to take. Oh my lands! Little Miss Brooklyn was not cooperating and the sun was bright so the other kids were squinting. If you look closely you notice Joshua has something inside his cheek. No wasting time getting all the sugar in before church! I love my children, they just keep us really busy and working hard!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

A baptism and a blessing kind of weekend

Denton was baptised and Madison was blessed this morning. We are so grateful to be able to be part of their special day.  

Friday, March 29, 2013

Pinewood Derby

I have been keeping busy with cub scouts. The pinewood derby was this last pack meeting and it was fun! We have a great couple that will run the whole derby for your pack! It is awesome. They really did a great job and kept everything so organized. The boys were really excited about their cars. Zack and Taylor spent tons of time creating their cars. I made a Perry the Platypus derby car with googly eyes and all. We had lots of awards and treats for everyone. There is plenty of things I have learned from this pack meeting. Next year we are going to have a concession stand. Maybe the Cars movie playing and some games for the other kids. Not so much graphite. We had a huge mess to clean up towards the end. My advice is have something set up for the little ones!!! I found trophies at an engraving shop here in town that had cute derby trophies for my three winners. Next year I'll order them in advance so I don't have to come up with a corny little label. It was a great turnout and the boys had so much fun!    

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bill Cosby

Zack and I went to see Bill Cosby at the Tuacahn. We stopped over at Durangos and pick up some dinner to go. The show was fantastic! We both were enjoying ourselves and all the funny stories Bill Cosby told. He really does have quite the sense of humor! Zack said it reminded him of listening to his Grandpa telling stories. What a great night!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Our spring break was more project based than vacationing! The kids got to lounge around and play computer games, watch movies, eat junk and just be lazy but I took the opportunity to work on some projects/the honey-do-list to get things a little nicer at home while Zack had a "little extra time on his hands."

We had some builders add an awning to the backyard. The Awning Company was great and did a fantastic job! The shade is so awesome and it looks great too!

Zack and I redid the cabinets in the kitchen. They were getting quite dingy and I wanted to brighten the place up! He had us sand them all the way down to get everything off. I had him add a bit of bead board for that wow factor! It turned out really nicely! We are both so glad to be done with that project.