Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pine Wood Derby 2012

Our pinewood derby was a father and son activity. It was great for Zack and Taylor to work on their cars together and get to race them against each other. Taylor made a lego race car including a driver wearing his racing helmet. Zack made a Kermit the Frog race car. Zack took 2nd place and Taylor took 7th overall. Taylor still ended up with a 3rd place trophy for the cubscouts and Zack got a candy bar as 1st place for the dads. A silly competition but they all had a great time. William, Joshua and Tyler,  their friend got dressed up to be cub scouts when we got home since it looked like so much fun. Loving the cub scouts! Next year William will be joining the cubscouts and he cannot wait!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Katelyn's Birthday Celebration

Our sweet girl just celebrated 11 years! She had a fun birthday with lunch with her aunts, goodies brought to class by her dad, soccer with friends, her favorite dinner and then a birthday party to top it off. She was thoroughly spoiled by everyone and loved every minute of it. Katelyn is growing up so fast! She is over 5 feet tall already. It feels like time has just flown by with her, it sure doesn't seem like 11 years have gone by. She is a huge helper with her little brothers and sister. She is a very smart girl, loves reading, very creative, loves hanging out with her friends and just goofing around. Katelyn has always been willing to help out and loves being in charge. She is starting to help out a little more in the kitchen and seems to enjoy doing lots of projects. Katelyn has always been a huge blessing to her parents and we are so grateful for her. We sure love our little miss Katie!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mother-daughter Picnic

The 10-11 year olds in activity days put on a mother-daughter picnic at the park! We played games, ate food and visited for a couple hours on Saturday! It was lots of fun for Katelyn and I to get some one-on-one time, even with a crowd of mothers and their girls.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Scouting Expo

We took the kids over to the scouting expo here in town so Taylor could check out all the fun activities to do with scouting. Our troop had a booth that we made neckerchief sliders at. There was lots of games, food, a photo booth, pinewood derby and a rock climbing wall. The kids loved it! Katelyn, Taylor, William, Joshua and Matthew all did the rock climbing wall which was great fun! Next year we will have to set aside a little more time to play and enjoy everything the expo has to offer.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brooklyn is 6 months old

Our sweet baby girl! She is developing rapidly. She has found her voice and it is not quiet! She loves to squeal. She already says Dada! Brooklyn rolls over, sits up and is learning to enjoy food a little more everyday. Peas and squash are not her favorites. She spits them out and keeps her lips tightly sealed if we try those ones. She likes applesauce, green beans and ice cream. Brooklyn loves to have a schedule and almost demands that we stick to it! She gets fussy only when she is tired or hungry otherwise she is a very happy baby. Brooklyn adores her brothers and sister. She gets very excited when they come into a room that she is in and coos at them. She will cry if they leave her. All the kids love to take care of her and are big helpers. They love to entertain her! She will just laugh and laugh at their little stunts which they love. She is such a blessing in our family! We are so thankful for this sweet spirit in our home.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Playing on Main Street

We were spoiled this year with a four day weekend during the Easter holiday. Monday afternoon we headed over to Main street and played in the water and let the kids ride the carousel. They thought it was great! It brought back lots of memories of growing up riding the carousel when I was young.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend

My whole family came down for the Easter holiday! Brandon and Goldie with their children from Detroit, Michigan plus Brian and Kelsey with their kids from Boise, Idaho. We were able to have lots of get togethers, good food and visiting. We managed to squeeze in a baseball game, easter egg hunts and a large family picture too!

The kids were spoiled by the notorious Easter bunny yet again! He left lots of fun treats plus a small present for each good little boy and girl at our house. There were lots of hidden eggs filled with candy for the kids in the backyard!

Grandma made sure to get in on the fun of the hunt with her own Easter egg hunt at her house after family pictures, dinner and visiting. It was wonderful to have everyone together to share in this special holiday of our Savior! I am so thankful for the Resurrection and eternal families.