Saturday, January 10, 2009

Comebacks... when people ask about your kids!

Last week, I was at the grocery store with only my boys, an older woman came over to me and asked if they were all mine. Yep, I told her I had another one in school too. She seemed rather surprised by that. Considering I'm 8 months pregnant, I guess I looked odd to her. You would think living in Utah I would not be abnormal but having more than four seems to be odd to many people.

I found this website about larger families which I really don't feel like I have. Surprising to me I have actually had many people ask me these questions, especially since I've been pregnant this round! I thought some of their comebacks were perfect, so I am going to share.

You have your hands full!
*Yes, happily so!
*Yes, and my heart too.
*Yes, but I would rather have my hands full than empty!

Are they all yours?
*No, I just went to Rent-a-Brat.
*No, this is not all of them, my oldest is at home with the triplets.
*No, actually two are the mailman's and I am not sure whose is that one.....
*No, a couple of them starting following us a few minutes ago.
*No, I picked up a couple extra in the produce aisle.
*Of course they're all mine. Do you think I take six (or fill in your number) kids shopping for fun?
*Of course they are..wait..who is that one?Hes not ours.....oh,yeah,#5,I forgot I had him.
*I don't know. How many do you count?

Are you going to have more?
*Why do you want to know?
*Well, not today.
*Yes, I always want just one more.
*Check back in nine months and you'll see for yourself.

Don't you know what causes that?
*No, please tell me!
*Of course, don't you?
*Oh yes, we finally figured it out and we now keep the tooth brushes in separate glasses!
*It's in the water. Would you like a glass?
*Yes I do........cold winter nights.........

Are you going to get fixed?
*Nope, I am not broken!
*Why do you want to know?
*We didn't know anything was broken.

I can't believe how you do it, I cannot even handle my two!
*Yes, if I had kids like you, I wouldn't have any more either!
*Yes, you don't strike me as the type who could handle more kids than that.

Are you planning to have any more?
*I've been wondering about this and maybe you can explain it to me: I always thought you had to plan NOT to have more.
*Before we were married we planned on having 2, but I didn't know that my husband couldn't count!
*We didn't plan the first six, I don't think we'll plan the next six, either.

I hope you aren't planning to have anymore?!?
*Well, we do have room in our van for 2 more.
*OK, I won't plan my next one. Surprises can be fun!
*Yup we are going to keep going till we get an ugly one.

Haven't you heard of birth control?
*Yes, I've heard of it, I hope you are using it!
*Yes, that's great stuff for people with ugly kids!
*Oh yes, we do know what birth control is; it's for people who don't want children.

How can you afford having so many?
*Lifestyles are expensive not kids.
*I figure you spend what you make, you may as well spend it on more.
*I'm still not sure how we do it...but it works!

I am glad it is you and not me!
*Yes, me too!
*My kids are glad it's me and not you too! ;-)
*Oh me too! I love being a mother! and smile real BIG!

Do you get any time for yourselves?
*Obviously we get a little time to ourselves, or we wouldn't have six kids.

Did you give birth to all of them?
*Yes, I gave birth to them all. Do you really believe the stork dropped them off?

When people just keep staring at your family....
*Yes, they all are mine!
*No, we don't try to overpopulate the earth, just to outnumber the idiots!

Haven't You Had That Baby YET?!!?
*"YES. This is the NEXT ONE!!!!!!!!" See if that don't make their jaws drop!


On a more serious note:

Overpopulation as a reason to have a smaller family?
- the percentage of U.S. families having a larger family (defined in the stats as families with 4 + children), is only 6.1%. The biggest and fastest growing group at 41 or 42% are families with just one child. Let the figures speak for themselves. Just my thoughts.

What is your favorite motto?
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
It won't even matter a hundred years from now and none will even know the difference.
Enjoy them, they grow up so fast!
Miracles happen to those who believe in them
Just remember that the sun will come up tomorrow and that God has given you a whole new day.
Don't sweat the small stuff!
So much time and so little to do...strike that...reverse.....Willie Wonka
Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.
This too shall pass
In God we trust
Always room for one more.
The more the merrier! (Kids of course.) I also agree with in God we Trust. He will provide.
What's not fun for all is not fun at all! It's Team Work!
I love God will provide! This too will pass ! for all problems, especially constant nursing!
Well when people ask me what I do for a living I always say I'm a mom that's my job!!!!!!! The pay isn't great but the benefits are sure worth it. Lots of love, hugs, and kisses.


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Keith and Laura said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing. I get comments with my three, and never quite know what to say.

Thompson Family said...

I LOVE IT! I only have 1 but anytime I have my daycare kids people give me the dirtiest looks and comments. The other day when a lady said "Those aren't all yours are they?" I said "I could only wish to be this blessed." And she rolled her eyes and walked off.

spaceyhawks said...

That is awesome! I was cracking up and coming up with some of my own comebacks. Gotta love the stupid questions. Here's your sign. ;-)

Niel and Brittany Lund Family said...

So funny! Hope you're feeling well. I like all the cute changes on your blog.

Erin McSpadden said...

loved your post, thanks for sharing it!

Emily said...

I actually had my Dr. in Indiana try to give me the birds and bees talk when he found out I was preggo with my 3rd. I just looked at him like, "you can't be serious!" Please, like I didn't know how things worked by then!
Some people! sheez!

Juliano Family said...

Oh I loooooooooooove it!

Trisha said...

I love it! I get so many comments especially with my twins. People are so rude! I overheard a conversation at McDonald's about the Duggar's and how Michelle Duggar didn't know when to stop having kids. I couldn't keep my mouth shut so I just said. "at least she takes care of them." It's nobody's business how many kids you are going to have. My favorite comment of all that I heard was "your husband is a doctor and you haven't figured out what causes this?" Guess not!

Keyonna said...

Love it! It is interesting that others think they can tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing with regards to the # of kids you choose to have. It is refreshing to know people like you who still beleive in having a big family. i am with you 100%! Good Luck with this one.