Friday, September 28, 2007

Fall is finally here...

Life is well under way this fall. Bella is loving first grade and is in reading level 12 in her class. Now that we have finally adjusted to having her take a lunch to school and making sure all her needs are met. Things seem really good. She is our little princess! She has convinced all her little boy cousins and brothers that barbies and dress up are just as fun for boys as girls (hopefully C doesn't mind his boys coming home from our house in makeup once in awhile!) HAHAHA. Jack-Jack is lots of fun. He pulls himself up onto everything, unfortunately most of those objects move and don't like the baby hanging on them. Uh-oh! He's taken a few crashes on the floor but God made babies very durable, at least mine!

September 17-22, I spent in Washington helping my grandparents to start packing their belongings. They bought a home here in St. George and will be moving in on the 18th of October. It has been very exciting for us as they have always lived so far away and will be so close. We are hoping that this move will be a blessing in their lives as time as taken its toll. Both are in their early 80s and could use some help around the house, some company and assistance in getting to the doctors, etc. It is coming up so soon.

The children have all been a blessing for Mr. A and me. I wouldn't want it to be any different. Each of them has a unique spirit that fills our home and hearts. They are truly God's little angels.

I decided that Jack-Jack needed a photo shoot and took about a million pictures of him in this outfit. He seemed not to mind until he fell over and then he was through with my little game! If he would just take naps when the other boys do I wouldn't have all this alone time with him. I guess he'll just be stuck with me until he gets his nap schedule with theirs.

These two are the absolutely best-of-friends/worst-of-enemies. Rex loves his cousin but wants her to do everything! A little bossy if I do say so. He sees her coming up the pathway and gets all excited that she's almost here but then, when she knocks on the back door. He yells "No. My house." TROUBLE!!!

Obi is loving preschool. He goes there on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the little neighbor boy. He tells me a new story everyday and loves to play with the dinosaurs. He says he doesn't like show and tell because then he cannot play with the dinosaurs as much. Oh, and they're much bigger than the ones at home. He especially likes the triceratops! Obi can write his name and has been working on all his letters. He tells me "I saw a D on that sign, mom. Did you know d starts with duck." We are glad that he has adapted so well as change seems to be his biggest challenge.

This has been very fun keeping things posted like this. I hope you all enjoy reading it!

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