Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Week...

Okay so I believe that Halloween is one of those holidays that seem to become overwhelming, especially the more children involved. This year we were packed with lots of holiday plans. This is the kids right before we went out trick or treating. Jack-Jack wasn't interested in anything but his daddy holding him. Mr. A recently changed his part time employment and works until 7pm or later. Jack-Jack is crazy about his daddy and when he does have Mr. A around he is very upset if he puts him down at all. The funny thing is now he is crawling all over the place and doesn't usually want to be held unless he's tired or has his daddy around. Rex hated wearing the lion hat and took it off immediately following this picture! At least Bella and Obi were into the events!!!

Bella's class put on a Halloween opera with singing and dancing. This is right after her performance! I rarely get to be in a picture with the kids. I am always the one taking them!

Bella as a bride!

Obi's preschool performed two little songs for their "college friends" and parents were invited to attend. Aren't they all just cute!?!

Our Young Womens group put on a Halloween party on Saturday. They played games and got lots of treats! The kids had a blast and they all loved wearing their costumes for a couple extra days!!!

I believe this shirt has fit my boys very well. We get compliments on the humor of it whenever they are wearing it. Caution: Does not play well with others.

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