Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Break

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We had a very eventful weekend. It started with early out on Wednesday, which turned into a big party out at the playground for the kids. It was plenty warm outside for the kids to run around. As you can tell from the picture they did need jackets but that's pretty good for November.
Here is Rex and Jack-Jack playing on the basketball court. Jack-Jack loves to run around with his walker! Rex is a bit camera shy but he'll give me a half smile.

Here is Bella & Obi just hanging out with their friends! Obi is wearing his Halloween costume because it has become his favorite new outfit to wear around. Isn't he just so cool!

Here is a picture of all the kids in "all their glory!" Rex has decided that being "nated" is so much fun especially when mommy chases him around the house trying to put clothes on him before the home teachers come! Obi as always doesn't think wearing a shirt is for any place except the outdoors! Jack-Jack loves to climb our stairs, he just hasn't figured out how to get down yet. His favorite thing is to get up on the couch or one a the beds and then dive off. The result isn't always what he thought it would be but he won't try it anyother way and gets mad at Daddy for trying to help him!

Obi's preschool class made turkey hats for Thanksgiving. Mr. A wore it throughout all of Wednesday at the high school. Obi wore it long enough to take a couple pictures but then wasn't all that interested.

My mom is always big on the presentation of the meal. I figure its just food so let's eat but my SIL had to learn how to set a table were everyone has 3 plates, one bowl, and lots of silverware! Holiday magic! LOL! It just ends up being a whole lot of dishes, thanks to the inventor of the dishwasher, Josephine Garis Cochran! You knew it had to be a woman.

Grandma B let Jack-Jack have some chocolate pie until his little belly was content! He made a huge mess of himself but was all grins about the chocolate! I want a lick! HAHAHA.

On Friday morning Mr. A went to the Black Friday with the family at 4am to make sure he got all the deals. It is one of his favorite holiday things (I have never even attempted the crowds, they make me nervous!) He raced a lady down the isles to get the last two razor scooters but showed chivalry toward the end and let her go first. She took them both! A very Christmas spirited event I think not! Our friends stopped by for a short visit which was nice. The kids enjoyed an excuse to go outside. They weren't able to stay long but we appreciated that they came anyway!

Saturday we watched the Utes lose to BYU for the 2nd year in a row! It was a mighty pointless game, both teams only had a few field goals until the last 2 minutes of the game. The Utes scored the first touch down with about 2 minutes left and then BYU scored two touch downs. It was rather pathetic! Later on we all went out the Madrin Buffet. As we were leaving a bus came carrying 47 passengers to dine there. Poor guys! We set up the Christmas tree and decorations that evening. The kids got to bed rather late but we made it to church in the morning, a little ornerier than usual but still there. Hope you all had a rather fun and eventful weekend as now things have to be back to normal until Christmas break!

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