Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Birthday Bash

Mr. A decided that he was going to make my birthday extra special this year. I woke up to breakfast in bed with flowers! Later on my mom called and asked to go to an early dinner with the kids. How was I to know that she was keeping me away from the house while Mr. A pulled together a small surprise party! I entered the door and immediately was surprised with a crown and all!
Bella with Mommy, doesn't she look so cute in her little dress! She had helped her dad with the breakfast and a card! Mr. A also made a picture of each of the kids and had them color and sign the mat that went with it! The pictures are on the left side of the blog for your enjoyment!
Rex waiting for cake

Rex, Grandma B, and Mrs. A

My nephew and brother more enthralled with balloons than anything else!

My little brother enjoying the cheese!

Cutting the cake!

My nephew having fun in the activity center!

Hello Jack-Jack!

The kids waiting for some more cake!

Mom and Grandpa B slipping on the rug

A little elfing around A few weeks ago Mr. A was playing on the computer during his little breaks and found this fun little activity! Another teacher had taken and elfed the administrators at the high school. It is quite easy to do. You take a few pictures of family/friends 4 at the most, then change them to elves with a little help from the computer and you'll have some dancing elves. Here is our kids all done up!

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