Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crazy Wedding Weekend

Happy Easter!
Our Easter weekend was extremely busy!!! My little sister was sealed in the St George Temple on Saturday morning and we attended her rehearsal dinner the night before, helped my mom decorate for the reception, we went to an Easter Egg hunt at Walmart shortly before the sealing, helped out/attended the reception until 10:30pm and tried to maintain our sanity on Sunday morning with four very tired children on sugar highs during sacrament meeting, Mr. A as the chorister and leading the choir as they sang, and covering for the nursery teachers afterwords. It was a very hectic weekend to say the least! Bella woke up early Sunday morning and dragged Jack-Jack downstairs to go see what the Easter bunny had brought. Obi and Rex refused to join them until after 8:30am.
Rex is trying to show off his chocolate Easter bunny.
Obi finally was dragged out of his bed by his dad around 8:30 but not without some pity for the poor kid! They were exhausted!

Bella in her tutu with her daddy!
These are all the ones on our side!

All the kids!!! A fairly difficult picture to take.

Our family!

This is the Walmart Easter Egg hunt. I made the kids stop and take a picture on the way back to the car, they weren't very happy about it! There Easter baskets were chucked full of eggs and treats. Rex won the Easter basket that Mr. A is holding, it's Spongebob Squarepants!

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