Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bella's Ears Pierced

Bella has been wanting her ears to get pierced for a long time. Whenever she draws a picture of herself, her ears are always pierced. We were going to wait until she turned eight but that has already got so many exciting things to it so I thought she could get them pierced at seven. Since my little sister is getting married this Saturday and her birthday is only a month away, we decided that now would be a great time. I took her in on Saturday afternoon with my mom while Mr. A watched the boys. Good thing she did! As we entered Claire's there was a little girl about Bella's age getting her ears pierced and during it all the lady with her kept talking about how much she cried and was surprised that this little girl wasn't. What was this lady thinking?!?! I thought I could die at that moment! I'm not taking my daughter here to torture her. As they left, I was very nervous for Bella. I distracted her with lots of fun items they had on the walls at Claire's, especially Hannah Montana. She sat very still on the chair and got her ears pierced without any problems at all. If my mom wasn't there I think I would have been a basket case or left without getting it done. Bella loves her new earrings and just asks me to be soft when I clean her ears. I think they will look adorable in the wedding pictures!

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