Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kitchen Remodel Underway

These are the cabinets well underway, I've sanded, primed, painted, and stained. Now we need to add the hardware (cute antique looking knobs and pulls from Lowe's), paint the walls, add the few remaining appliances that we are missing, repair the window (already ordered), add a valance and matching drapes to the dining area, bring in our kitchen table, clean, add a few finishing touches and then it will be all ready!!! ;o) I don't know how they do all this work on those home shows, it looks so much easier! We went with an antique wash to make everything look French country, it is my personal favorite! I hope I can pull it all together, so far so good!
The stain took the longest just to figure out what look I wanted and how to achieve it and then we went crazy with it!
Good thing the counter tops were in excellent condition. It sure makes the work a bit easier!
What do you think? Anyone else like french country?
I promise to remove all tape and add the cover on the light. I won't leave the job unfinished. It's a promise!
Taping the room off seemed to take forever, maybe a solid color room would have been a bit easier! I think the knobs and pulls will really dress up the room! Oh, a few appliances might come in handy.

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