Saturday, May 3, 2008

Obi's 5th Birthday

We celebrated Obi's birthday a few days after his actual birthday due to the move and a very sick little boy. We had the party at our new home which was fun to show off. Obi had fun but was disappointed that his cousins weren't there. He picked out the Transformers for his theme so I made a cake to go along with it! My parents got home from Hawaii on Obi's birthday so they wouldn't miss a thing but he was so sick he never got out of bed that day. Obi's best picture!
Here is the dining area in birthday apparel
Transformer logo birthday style!
Jack-Jack got to the cake right after Obi blew out the candles and while he was opening presents. He's a little to quick for his own good. At least half the cake wasn't eaten by the time he was caught "RED & BLUE HANDED" literally!

Obi at his birthday party
Grandpa loving the baby boys

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