Saturday, June 28, 2008

Retaining Wall

This is the retaining wall that Z has been working on for the past few weeks. The hardest part is leveling the ground but that is underground so you cannot see that. I think he has done an excellent job (it helped to have J and C help when they were down here). Right side of the yard
Left side of the yard
Center of yard
New PlaygroundOur playground arrived from Yardline (Costco sells it), we are very excited! Z has his work cut out for him though (8 boxes, 2 slides, and 60+ pages of instructions). We are grateful for the Stipend Check we received from the government, it made the ability to get this nice playground much easier!

J is ready for prayer

W is ready for prayer

I just think little children are so cute when they fold their little arms and get ready for the prayer to be said, W is into saying prayer with whomever is doing it!


W & S said...

Great job on the backyard! It looks super good. Good luck with the play set, I bet the kids will have a blast on that!
The boys look like they are taking naps, how cute! Elli loves to say amen, even when the prayer is not over yet:)

Kara said...

Love the prayer pictures! You guys must be doing something right!

Goldie said...

Wow! That wall looks professional! You are going to have every kid in the neighborhood coming over when you get your backyard finished and the playground up!