Sunday, August 17, 2008

Swimming @ Grandma's House

We went swimming at Grandma's House on Friday night! The kids had a blast and spent some fun with their cousins in the pool. S and T were watching J's kids while C & J went to a convention for Primerica in Las Vegas this weekend. Here are some fun pictures I got of the kids: J was like a little fish. I put the floaties on and then he was off kicking his little legs to get all over the place. He absolutely loves swimming!
W loves to get into Grandma's "little pool" and then slide into the big pool. He'll spend the entire time going around in circles.
Z was loving the water!
K doing a little water ballet
Here is my parents' pride and joy!
T being a goof
H in her fish
B went all over the pool snorkeling! He seems to have a knack for it.
Kid pile up on the steps


W and S said...

What fun! Looks like you have a few water babies on your hands!

Emily said...

That pool looks like so much fun!! Looks like the kids had a blast with all of their cousins.

Congrats on the pregnany!

spaceyhawks said...

Holy cow you are one amazing woman...I can't believe baby #5 is on it's way. That is so awesome. I'm super excited for you. So I hope I am not jinxing myself, but I put in an application to work at Skywest there in St. George, if I get it we are moving down there. Keep fingers crossed for me.