Friday, September 19, 2008

Julia's 2nd Birthday Party!

We went to the Washington Fields Park for our little niece/cousin's birthday party! My brother, Brandon just lives in Henderson and is only a couple of hours away so if he has a short break from the rigors of Med School they love to come visit family. Goldie and Brandon put together a little birthday party for their baby girl, Julia. We enjoy their company and are always glad for the visits. Zack was at work so I took the kids and met the rest of the family over at the park. We're sorry for all those who couldn't make it, you were missed. I hope you enjoy the pictures! Julia about to blow out the candles!
It is always windy at these parks and so my mom was covering up the little flames as best she could to keep them from blowing out before Julia got to them but Julia seemed rather confused by the whole ordeal. Once she got to eat the cake, she was happy again!
See, make Taylor be silly in a picture and he always gives me a great smile!
CHEESE by Joshua with a nap time haze!
William playing on the Hannah Montana scooter my mom got at Walmart for $5.
Grandpa Belt and Goldie's parents, Grandpa & Grandma Coon
William, Joshua, and me
The boys were trying to peak inside the bags for all the loot!
Denton with Joshua hiding in the background
Oakley and Taylor
Julia wasn't very into getting her picture taken today
My little brother, TJ, Katelyn & nephew Denton
Nephew Oakley

I wasn't able to get very many pictures of everyone, but you get all the kids so that counts for something right? It was an eventful birthday party, as Goldie had just finished setting up and was helping her parents get out of their car, a lady with a chip on her shoulder drove up, stopped in the middle of the parking lot, stormed over to Goldie and asked who was throwing this party. She rudely informed Goldie that we would need to move our party elsewhere because she reserved the place already for her 100+ guests. No sign anywhere to let us know this just mind reading, I guess! (To be noted: this lady's guests didn't show up until 6pm and it was only 4:15 at the time) We moved everything to the other side of the park and enjoyed ourselves there. Brian took TJ, Taylor, and his little Oakley over to the river during our re-setting up and did not come back until about 15 minutes later with wet muddy boys. Men don't think things out very well! The boys came back just in time to see Julia open her presents but missed the cupcakes, serves them right!

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