Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fun Weekend!

It seemed like a family reunion this weekend. My uncle Cliff & aunt Lisa came into town with my older cousin Clint, little cousins Sean & Luke(they'll be 3 in December), Cameron & Jennifer came with their kids, Brandon & Goldie came with their kids and the rest of us in St George got together everyday this weekend to visit and play with the cousins. Grandpa & Grandma Belt getting comfy on the couch
Front: Sean, Luke, Hailey, Joshua, Julia, Denton, Oakley, Awsten and William's hand (he's sitting next to Awsten)
Back: Katelyn, Taylor, and Braxton
Here is a picture where you can see TJ & William but other kids are missing, it was hard enough to get a few of them to look my way!
Hailey, Katelyn & William
Joshua pushing Hailey in the swing
William in the baby swing
Goldie & Julia
Luke & Sean with Joshua & Aunt Lisa in the background
Kelsey & Jennifer
Joshua & Oakley having a great time!

I didn't get a picture of everyone but as you can tell from the pictures we were having lots of fun!

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Goldie said...

I love the picture of Grandpa and Grandma kissing! Well, at least it got my attention haha. That was a fun but CRAZY weekend. I've never seen so many kids in one place before!