Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pine View 30 - Snow Canyon 3

Last night we went to the Pine View football game for the second and last home game of the year! They slaughtered Snow Canyon by 27 points, it was obvious by the middle of the third quarter that Pine View was going to win. The only thing that was frustrating to me is how one person seems to be making all the shots including making themselves the hero of the game! Our quarterback spent the majority of the time running the ball. It was rather frustrating as it was obvious he was trying to show off! The other team's quarterback was worse but I think that is their coaches fault. He switched off playing quarterback, wide receiver and even kicker for the whole game! At one point one of our Pine View Panthers decided he had had enough and sent the guy flying through the air after he had already thrown the ball. The refs didn't seem to notice but I'm sure their quarterback and #55 did!

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