Saturday, November 8, 2008

Everything Under the Sun

I just returned from a Stake Seminar called Everything Under the Sun by Wendy DeWitt. It was a lot of information and was very useful for getting your food storage together. She specializes in solar oven cooking but the recipes and such can be used just for regular food storage. Sister DeWitt even went so far as to measure everything to an exact so you'll know how much of each item is in a #10 can, she tells you how to make bread in a jar, and other fun ideas like cakes and long term storage on candies (chocolates ladies, chocolates!!!)

Here is the link from the ideadoor for her booklet from the ideadoor:

It is 26 pages filled with lots of great and useful information. She is an amazing women who really sought to take the guess work out of food storage for everyone to use. Sister DeWitt will be doing 3 segments on BYUtv this month which are of her seminar. I don't have any dates but I thought it would be useful information if you are interested!

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