Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Halloween comes but once each year,
To fill our hearts with fright and fear!
Goblins and Ghosts will fly in the night,
The moon will glow it's eerie light.
Children dressed up in costumes for treats,
On Halloween night Ghouls they'll meet!
The scariest thing that could be is clear,
The mister's face in an old cracked mirror!
Not to worry, he will smile and greet,
For Halloween is the only night his heart does beat!

The week of Halloween has been very eventful at our house! We don't see a lot of Zack with his jobs and his church responsibilities so we included him whenever we could get him! We decorated Halloween cookies, carved a "bat" pumpkin, watched Katie in the school Halloween parade, and got a little trick-or-treating in there too.


Pumpkin Carving

Here we are carving a "bat" pumpkin with Daddy trying hard to carve and make sure the little boys weren't touching the pumpkin at the same time!

No one except for me would even take out the pumpkin guts!


Halloween Parade

Katelyn's school put on a Halloween parade for all the parents and kids to enjoy! It was more like a chaotic circle on the black top but at least we got to see her in all her Halloween glory!

Katelyn is dressed up as Hannah Montana


Zack's Costume

Have you ever watched the movie Church Ball or been to a church basketball game? "It is the only brawl that begins with a prayer!"

1. No foul language
2. Call your own fouls
3. Lights out and lock up

He got home from a church meeting on Thursday night at about 9:30pm, returned a couple phone calls and then we scrounged for a costume for school the next morning. Better late than never seems to be Zack's theory on getting dressed up for Halloween. Besides the jacket he's sporting, he is dressed up as a Church Basketball player. He's wearing grubby running shoes (he didn't want to ruin his "nice" basketball shoes), a knee guard, colorful reversible shorts (the other side is solid red so I let that slide), a University 11th ward t-shirt from our college days, and his warmers, the church socks he occasionally plays in were just a little over the top so we didn't include those. If I had a little more time, we would have found some crutches for him to limp around on and some really nerdy glasses. Most people thought he was a Ute fan with the red shorts!



Here are the kids in their Halloween costumes:
Taylor is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Joshua is a "pun'kin", William is Simba from the Lion King (but really he acted more like the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz), and Katelyn as Hannah Montana (her wig glows!!!)

Friday night we ate dinner and then took off for the evening around our neighborhood for trick-or-treating. Zack brought the stroller for the little boys, which they did not take to kindly to! Katelyn and Taylor were off as much as we would let them, they didn't want to wait for the slow pokes. William and Joshua seemed mesmerized by the whole thing. William is very shy and did not like going up to strangers expecting candy from them. Joshua would walk right into the neighbors' houses if was weren't careful. After they would receive candy from the neighbor they would just look at the person in a dazed look. It drove Zack nuts cause he'd have to drag them away at about every house. Both little boys DO NOT LIKE "SCARY" GUYS!!! One house we went to had four guys thoroughly dressed up in gory costumes both little boys just stood rooted in their spots on the street until the guys took off their masks. These boys are not fools!


Keith and Laura said...

It looks like fun! I wish you could have come trick or treating to our house.

Meet the Falkners said...

I love the costumes. Zack's is hilarious. Looks like some good times!

King Family said...

Go Zack!

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

Cute, cute family!

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

Cute, cute family!

W and S said...

Cute costumes! Zack you looked straight out of the movie! I liked the picture of the boys watching the pumpkin carving. Taylor and William look totally enthralled:)