Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy Weekend!!!

This weekend was rather busy due to Zack's crazy schedule. He was up until 4:30am on Friday working on grades so he was exhausted Saturday morning. When he finally got up on Saturday we ate breakfast together and then he went to work. He forgot to pick up his suit from the cleaners this past week and when he finally remembered they were already closed for the weekend. This usually wouldn't have been a big deal but he was conducting in sacrament meeting so he felt that it was important that he had a suit. We went searching all over town and were so blessed to find one at JC Penney's on clearance for $78.00, the clerk gave us an additional 10% off! Who wouldn't feel great about that?!?

Benefits of raking leaves

Leaf fight Playing with our new tripod
Katelyn, William, Alisha, Taylor, Zack & Joshua

We took the kids to the live Nativity at Tuacahn. They really seemed to enjoy it, especially the real animals: horses, goats, and llamas

Zack did a great job conducting! After church he was in meetings and taking care of fast offerings, then went to a stake choir practice (he'll be doing a solo for our Christmas meeting), meanwhile I had a pack planning meeting at our house. I would say Sundays are busy at our house. Good thing the kids all seem to expect Sundays to be a little crazier than they used to be. They've all been rather good about helping me out!!!


Emily said...

I love the Tuacahn nativity. Aren't Sunday's supposed to be a day of rest? ;)

Keith and Laura said...

Sounds busy! I hope you are surviving through Sacrament Meeting. On Sunday Keith and I each took a child out, and left Caleb alone on the bench. I don't know how I would do it without Keith. I hope you have people to help with your kids.