Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas

Dear Family & Friends,

We have had a wonderful year filled with lots of exciting changes for us! Zack was called to the bishopric, which he really has enjoyed. It is a wonderful learning experience for him. He has been able to manage his time much better since he received this calling. Zack is in his fourth year of teaching at Pine View and loves it! Zack is working after school at Infowest. He really enjoys being able to apply his computer knowledge, learn some new things and program. Amazingly, he still finds time to be with all of us, we are blessed! Alisha is busy at home with the kids and expecting #5 this spring. She enjoys her young family, cooking, reading, taking pictures of the kids, and decorating our home. Alisha is busy with her church callings as well; she is in Activity Days, Cub Scouts, and our Sunday school class president. Our home has been blessed by our experiences.

Katelyn is 7 years old and in 2nd grade at Sandstone Elementary. She loves to read, create, and draw! Katelyn is our little princess and more so every time that she gets a new brother! She is very excited to be getting baptized this spring. We are all looking forward to this milestone in our family! Taylor is 5 years old and in kindergarten! He really has enjoyed being more independent. He has learned a lot in school and loves to play with his friends! He likes to play outside, ride his scooter, wrestle, and just be a kid! William is 3 years old and a very busy little guy! He loves to wrestle, play with dinosaurs, run around and be mischievous. He is very independent but enjoys having his brothers and sister to play with. He is very excited to be going to Sunbeams in January and be a big kid. Joshua will be turning two next month, look out here he comes! He is talking up a storm. He loves his big brothers and sister. He loves to roughhouse with William, play football and meet new people.

Our family has been so blessed this past year; we definitely see the Lord's hand in our lives. We know that He is aware of us and answers our prayers. Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate our Savior’s birth. He has blessed our lives with His grace! Always keep the spirit of Christmas in your hearts. Remember the reason for the season!

We send you warm holiday wishes,

Zack, Alisha, Katelyn, Taylor, William, and Joshua


King Family said...

I'm thinking this won't be the last of your snow.

lonsdale said...

It sounds like your family is doing well! I didn't realize that Zack was teaching at Pineview. Ben's best friend, Sam Johnston is the soccer coach. Small world!!