Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Christmas Break!!!

Our Christmas break has been very busy! It started with a visit by Stephanie & Tim on Friday at my parents' house. Keith & Laura came into town with their cute kids! Baby Alyssa was absolutely adored by my children. They all wanted to touch her and kiss her. Thanks for being willing to share your baby with the kids! We had snow thanks to lots of prayers from Taylor, we even had some come down Christmas eve. All of us went over to the Saint George temple to see the nativity and Christmas lights. It is always fun for the kids!! We spent our Christmas eve over at Grandpa & Grandma Belt's home. It was a nice but too short of a visit. Our family has a tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve, it is always a nice pair of pjs, the kids look forward to it and it makes for a good picture!

Zack read the Christmas story from Luke and then we tucked the kids in for bed

Joshua and I woke everyone up at 8 since they would sleep through almost anything without a little coaxing! They were all excited to see what Santa Clause brought them.

After opening their Christmas presents and putting everything together, we ate a nice breakfast of waffles with strawberries and whipped cream! YUMMY! Next we made our way over to my parents house to share in the Christmas holiday. The kids were spoiled to no end with fun gifts from grandparents and TJ. My grandpa Belt was also over but left shortly after our arrival. Later on Brian & Kelsey arrived with Oakley and her brother, Terry and his wife. Then Brandon and Goldie came over with their two little ones. We spent most the time visiting. The next day Stephanie, Jennifer and her kids came over. Lots of playtime for the kids!

On Saturday we celebrated Hailey's 3rd Birthday at Chuck-a-rama. The kids all enjoyed playing together but Denton seemed to be a little confused at why Hailey was getting presents again and he wasn't! He kept asking us if we had a gift for him too.

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Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year, too!