Monday, December 15, 2008

Our first snow of the season!

Saint George is not really a four season kind of place! That is why Zack was obsessed with moving here in the first place. I personally love the snow and winter season so Saint George is not really my kind of enviroment. This has caused frustration for both of us but I figure we can stay here for now and then later down the road we can move somewhere a little cooler for a change!

This morning we walked Katelyn to school and on the way home the snow started falling. It really hasn't been much but the boys were thrilled to run around in it! I was surprised that some was actually sticking to the ground, not enough for a snowman or even a snowball for that matter, but the kids enjoyed it!

I called Zack to inform him of the snow, he wasn't very excited but ALL of his students ran outside when they heard it was snowing! So much for that lesson. HeHeHe!


EgbertFamily said...

Oh, I miss St. George snow!!! You should come visit us, we have enough to share and it's still coming down.

King Family said...

I'm sure this won't be the last of your snow.