Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Day weekend

Well, the Thanksgiving Day weekend has come and gone. We have been reminded of all our many blessings and are so grateful to Heavenly Father for the many blessings He has given us. Our holiday started the Saturday before with a "dinner" for my two sisters who wouldn't be around for Thanksgiving but wanted to participate anyway. Brandon and Goldie came in town with their little ones to join in the festivities also. Brian came a little late but wasn't given much warning and was helping a friend out. Kelsey and Oakley are in Washington staying with all of her family. We all watched the BYU vs Utah game afterward. Being the only ones cheering for the U made it a little awkward. My dad even bought all the grand kids BYU shirts, Taylor absolutely refused to wear his. Good thing BYU lost so bad!!! Seems like a little payback for bad taste on my dad's part!

By Tuesday, I was sick as a dog with the flu! YUCK!!! I stayed in bed for two days and then started feeling a little better on Thursday so Zack insisted that I came with him and the kids to my parents house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a surprisingly small group as most everyone was out of town, no additional guests, plus it was raining so Grandma Belt and Goldie's parents all stayed home. I did manage to enjoy the meal. It helps when you don't have to cook or haven't eaten much in the past couple days to relax and enjoy. Katelyn probably ate the most, she had four helpings! I think she's going through another growth spurt! Zack and Brandon were both a little sore from our ward's turkey bowl. Zack was the busiest with sports, he played basketball on Tuesday night, Ultimate Frisbee on Wednesday night and then flag football on Thursday morning! No wonder he was so tired after all that!

The rest of the weekend was crazy, I still wasn't 100% but participated in almost everything. Zack is always our black Friday shopper, he seems to get a kick out of it. He got to the stores by 3 am to get a gift that someone tried to take away from him after he had grabbed it!!! Fortunately for both men, there were two. After all the crazy things happening on black Friday this year, I think he should just relax and sleep in instead! The rest of the weekend Zack put up most of our Christmas decorations with help from the kids and me, we got a much larger Christmas tree than before (no more 4 footer) and festive outdoor lights. He had to go up on the roof at one point and was not very happy about that. He doesn't care for heights and I'm not going up there for anyone!!! On Saturday Goldie and Brandon had a birthday party for Denton. The kids were thrilled to eat something besides leftovers.

My mom, Goldie and I went to watch Twilight on Saturday night. There was a pretty large crowd at the movie theatre waiting to see it. I thought it was better than I expected due to all the bad reviews I had read but it still missed a few key items. I wasn't planning on seeing the movie but Goldie really wanted to and I was interested in seeing how it turned out on the big screen so why not. After the movie I watched a couple interviews of the main actors and was surprised at how much I did not like them. Robert Pattinson who played Edward Cullen is really lazy, he really does not come across very well in person, he is much better at acting than personal hygiene! I was surprised by this and watched many different interviews to see if this was just a fluke but it is not. Bummer! Maybe that is why 75,000 people petitioned for another Edward. It wouldn't surprise me.

To finish off the weekend, I gave a talk in sacrament meeting. Those are always so stressful for me! Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend and remembered what they were thankful for. I am thankful for family, my sweet and energetic children, baby #5 who seems so much like the others, a very loving husband who honors his priesthood and takes care of all of us at home, the Savior's sacrifices for me, the gospel and everything it teaches, our home, good jobs, friends, good health, and a strong community.

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Jessica&Colby said...

i was upset about the hygiene thing too! i saw an interview where he said he only washed his hair once a month ewww!
the movie had some cheesy parts but i thought it wasnt too bad either!