Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Katelyn's Barbie House

Santa brought Katelyn some barbie furniture and I thought it would be a fun idea to decorate her shelves in her closet into a doll house. I had always wanted a dollhouse when I was growing up but never got one so I am living that dream through Katelyn!

The kitchen was probably my toughest job! I found lots of kitchen designs but trying to find one that I could actually make it work on the wall. This seemed to work. I changed it around a few times until I felt like it was right. The colors were tricky too, it had to look like a Barbie kitchen and still be appealing to me (not too much pink!) The accessories made all the difference in the world!
Fruit bowl, flowers, a window, the sink, dishwasher gadgets, toaster, clock, hood over the stove, jars for baking supplies, oven knobs and a towel
Dining Room
This is the dining area. Katelyn did not want us to separate out the kitchen and dining rooms to make it easier to play with. I was very excited about the flooring which we purchased at Home Depot for $0.36 for a 12x12 tile, we bought 8. It isn't a very big space and the flooring was so much easier than painting on! Yeah for great deals!
I really liked the windows, the seem to make it much more real and lively. I found these pictures of potted plants and a picture frame in a magazine, a nice touch.
Barbie's BedroomThis is with the furniture, we painted a cute little doll dresser that I found at Michael's craft store to match the bedroom. It is the perfect size for this dollhouse! She loves to put clothes into the dresser! I Modge Podged some of the accessories from magazines which was an idea I found online. It really worked out to be a great addition! I loved painting the mirror on! The bed was tough just to make it look like it wasn't just on the wall but my favorite addition is the rug. I got the idea from a rug at Pottery Barn kids, a store I would love to buy from if I ever got that kind of money, I cannot even afford their clearance for the most part. For now it is my favorite place to just dream and get many ideas!
I included the picture of their rug. It is absolutely adorable to me!!! I thought the accessories was a nice touch. An old alarm clock, flowers, a lamp with a hair clip on it, a magazine rack on the other wall and a handbag.
Barbie's Office
Katelyn and I really worked on the room together. It was lots of fun! I painted most of it with some help and then when it was dry she added the foam flower stickers. She wanted the office to be bright and cheery so this is what we came up with, a great office for Barbie!

The window is our only accessory since we wanted to focus on bright colorful flowers!

The flooring believe it or not is scrapbooking paper. I cut out all the squares and then used Modge Podge to glue them down and seal over the top. Making sure they were evenly spaced was the most challenging but turned out pretty well!

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