Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was jammed packed!!! To start things off on Saturday morning we all arrived at the Easter Egg Hunt in Washington city to meet up with Brian, Kelsey and Oakley. I completely forgot to bring anything for the kids to put their candy in so Zack had to run over to Walmart to get some plastic bags for them, besides that it was raining. It wasn't starting off very well.

Katelyn cried because she didn't like being separated by age groups, Taylor already had an Easter egg hunt at school and at the birthday party on Friday so he didn't want to do another, William was just tired, and Joshua was up for anything. If it wasn't for meeting up with Brian and Kelsey there, I would have just went home and drank hot chocolate personally.

Zack and I finished planting our garden which turned out rather nicely. We are a little late this year but were focusing on the grass before undertaking our garden. We use a method called Square Foot Gardening developed by Mel Bartholomew. It uses raised beds and a good soil mix. Plus he is big into conservation which I really like. I read his book several years ago and have really enjoyed this method.

Brandon called later in the evening and asked if we were up for a visit. They were in town and wanted to come on over, I told him we would rather meet up with them at my parents' home because Zack had just been spraying texture on our walls in the stairwell so our house stunk!!! Goldie is pregnant so I know the smell would have bothered her immensely. I brought all my goodies over to have a fun evening together. We colored/dyed Easter eggs, decorated sugar cookies (may I recommend adding flour to the pillsbury cookie dough, our cookies turned out very flat!) and we all played games. Even the little kids got into it.

Sunday morning we all woke up late after spending so much time playing the night before. I am sure glad the kids were so accommodating for me. They came up to find "baskets" left by the notorious Easter Bunny. They were all happy about their treats and presents. We then hid the hard boiled eggs that we colored the night before in the backyard and had the children look for them. They were in much better spirits than Saturday morning.

I took pictures of everyone in their Easter attire! I believe I have myself a rather cute crowd! We made sure to let them know the real reason for the Easter holiday and even William seemed to understand what being resurrected meant.

Right after church I headed over to my parents house to help my dad with making an Easter dinner for the family. Brandon and Goldie had to leave beforehand so they weren't able to join us but Grandpa Belt came over, so did Brian and Kelsey. My mom had left up to Salt Lake to be with Stephanie while she gives birth to her baby. Zack wasn't able to join us until after 6pm since he had some bishopric things to attend to. The dinner turned out well and everyone was very entertaining! We sure enjoy having family around and enjoying the blessings of the Savior. It was a wonderful holiday!


Keri said...

What a great family picture of your kids. So far, that's the only one I've seen with all the kids looking at the camera and smiling!Way to go!

Colby and Jessica said...

your kids look so cute! i love to see kids easter baskets not STUFFED with candy but with other fun stuff

Niel and Brittany Lund Family said...

Great pics! Love the garden...and amen to the extra flour in the cookie dough. We used the same stuff for our Nest cookies...and they weren't the best cookies ever.