Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Visual of a year's supply of Food Storage

I received this email from my cousin Kathryn and thought I'd share it!

Exactly What Does a Basic 1 Year Food Storage for 1 Person Look Like?These are the MINIMUM Basic Amounts of Food Needed for Survival for ONE PERSON for ONE YEAR:

BARE-MINIMUM LDS Church Food storage requirements for 1 adult male for 1 year Appx. 2,300 calories per day. (only 695lbs total)

Some people try to rationalize that we "really" don't need to store everything that we have been asked to store. The regular excuses of no money, no room, no time, don't know how to use wheat, or don't eat wheat, etc. Some have heard "that is so much to store", that "our family would never use 400 pounds of grains per person in an entire year". Also, "we don't use that much salt or oil", therefore they don't feel they need to store it."

As what felt like my last feeble attempt to try to help, the thought came to actually create a display to show 1) what does that one year basic survival food for one person look like (the amounts the First Presidency has recommended), and 2) how much does that really work out to be per day? This display has been amazingly successful.

When I measured out the amounts to show what you would get per day, per person it was impressive. We took all those ingredients and by adding yeast (which we know is not on the basic list – but hopefully we have stored), we were able to make one loaf of bread and 1/3 cup of beans. That would be your food for the entire day. Don't FORGET water!!!

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Colby and Jessica said...

i hope this display changed alot of people impressiona bout food storage. to me that doesnt look like alot of food at all!it doesnt cost alot if you do it gradually like a bag a wheat a payday everyone needs to get moving thanks for the post love it!