Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

9 years of marriage
8 homes we've lived in
7 days a week
6 months of dating
5 kids to raise
4 schools conquered
3 beds to sleep in
2 people growing closer
1 love that endures

Well Mr. A & I have been married for 9 years today. We have endured and grown together. Our lives have definitely become one, our marriage has been quite the adventure and a joy! I love you Mr. A! Here's to 9 great years and a lifetime together!


Tim, Steph & Jaerick Somerville said...

Happy Anniversay! Dang you guys are old! Ha!!! Jk! You are awesome parents and great together! Have a happy day! We love you guys!

QB's said...

Happy Anniversary!

EgbertFamily said...

HAPPY 9 YEARS!!! Love you guys!

Heather said...


Colby and Jessica said...

yay i hope your guys do something fun to celebrate!