Thursday, May 21, 2009

Taylor's Kindergarten Graduation

Taylor is officially a kindergarten graduate! The teachers put on quite the little show with all these kindergartners. They sang, danced and had a good ol' time. My mom was able to make it which Taylor really appreciated. He felt quite proud of himself and he should; he has learned tons this past year, ABCs, 123s, rules and getting along with his classmates. Taylor has made several friends which he enjoys spending time with. There are several boys in our ward his age which he gets along with. Katelyn and Taylor have made many friends this past year and our house is always full of friends! It is fun to see how much they progress when you look back on things. Taylor has really grown as this year has gone on. He has really been a good example to his younger brothers. Ms. Tobler was a great kindergarten teacher and Taylor really liked her! I am glad that he enjoys school, we are going to play hard this summer before he starts 1st grade and we don't see him anymore.

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