Monday, September 28, 2009

Babies, babies and more babies...

My sister-in-law Kelsey's friends threw her a baby shower and so I made a diaper cake for fun. It was really simple and we filled it up with little hair clips that we made, also Jennifer added a little dress for the centerpiece. Kinda crazy but it seemed to work! Kelsey is due to have a baby girl in November. So far there has only been one girl per family no sisters to speak of on my side with the grandkids!

My little guy, Taylor has been playing flag football for the past few weeks and loving it! He had a game on Saturday and really got into the fun of the sport. He likes being rough so it works for him! They didn't win the game but really are young enough to just enjoy running around and chasing each other.

Lastly Brandon and Goldie came in town to have their baby, Cody David, blessed in her parents' ward. We all got to attend and then Goldie had a little birthday party for Julia at the park after. Might not sound like too much for one weekend but it kept us pretty busy!

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