Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

In a house full of young children most every day is eventful! This past weekend was no exception. The kids and Zack had school off for a nice four day weekend so we made it a busy one:

As we finished up loading the van Taylor surprised us with loosing his first tooth! I took a couple snapshots of him as a keepsake. Don't worry the tooth fairy happened to find him later that night and left a $1! He was thrilled and made sure to spend it on a treat to share with his brothers and sister! What a nice brother!

We went over to Derek's house (one of Zack's friends while growing up) and finally met his wife, Tawna and little girl, Kiley. His poor wife is due to be induced on Wednesday with their second child so a houseful was probably a little more than she wanted but she was so kind and friendly anyway! Their house looked great with all the hard work Derek has put into it and I loved the decor and colors that Tawna picked out. They were very gracious hosts. Thanks for dinner Tawna! It was great to visit, it would be fun to live closer to all of our friends up in Salt Lake. We sure do miss them!

We spent our first night in Grandma Benson's backyard camping out since Mark and Cheryl were in town with their family. Mark's father had passed away earlier in the week and he had been there dealing with all the responsibility of getting things taken care of for his family. He seemed to be handling everything rather well and really had a positive outlook on his father's passing. He said that after nearly 33 years his parents were finally together again and probably dancing! What a sweet thought to such a sudden tragedy for their family.

We were also able to visit with Grandma Benson briefly and then Saturday morning Charles and Erica were around to chat. Ryan and Krystal invited us at the end of July/beginning of August to go camping with them for Labor Day weekend. We found a cozy spot up in Hyrum, Utah at the state park which is right between Brigham City and Logan. Since they live in Boise, Idaho and we live in Southern Utah it was a pretty equal drive for both parties. Jed and Aubrey also ended up coming and joining the party which was a pleasant addition.

The campsite was more of an RV park which was good on all accounts except that we had to go hunting for dirt for the kids to play in. Who can't find dirt while camping? Obviously RVing doesn't mean actually getting dirty since you sleep in a camper! Don't worry we all slept in tents and just roughed it enough to consider it camping. We did have the benefits of hot showers, flushing toilets, grass, water/lake, electricity and even pavement to run around on.

We kept ourselves rather busy throughout the weekend with swimming,

rock skipping,

rolling down the hills,

eating lots of good food,

laughing at way too many silly things,

playing cards and Frisbee and getting to know family a little better. It was a good time had by all. Sorry to those other people who were too busy to join us. We were sad you couldn't make it but don't worry, we had fun without you! Maybe next time we can get all the siblings and their families to party with us!


Shenille said...

We so wanted to come!!! But the drive would have killed me... and the kids. I thought it was only going to be a 5-6 hour drive but we looked it up - Eight hours! And Isaac had his first day of school Tuesday. Next time we'll be there!

Eric said...

Would this place make a good family reunion location? It sure looks like a fun place. Let me know. Thanks, Mom Alvey