Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Days of Christmas: Day 16

Read Matt. 2:13–15--Why did Joseph take Mary and Jesus to Egypt?
Activity: Caroling

We went caroling with the cub scouts in our ward around the neighborhood. The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves. Afterwards we headed over to the church for hot chocolate and candy canes. It was our monthly pack meeting so I just decided it would be best to include that as the activity for the day. The kids are really enjoying the Christmas spirit in our home. Rex is asking a lot of questions about the birth of the Savior. He spent a little while this morning setting up the nativity to make sure everyone was there. He is finally starting to understand some of the more spiritual parts of Christmas. We are headed over to the temple lights next so they will be enjoying that!

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Colby and Jessica said...

thanks for posting these i love hearing about it and even if i dont comment we always read them thanks!