Monday, December 21, 2009

The Days of Christmas: Day 21

Read Isaiah 61:1-3—Bows “bind up the broken hearted” and remind us that we are all connected, through Jesus Christ. How can we serve someone this Christmas? (include little bows)
Activity: Tying bows on the Christmas tree as our reminder!

Tonight was Mr. A's performance with Lieto in their Christmas concert. He did a great job! Both my sisters and their families came with us to see him perform. Unfortunately the place was packed! We ended up sitting on the stairs along the wall. It was a little uncomfortable but everyone seemed to enjoy the music. Later on we tied our little fabric bows to the Christmas tree. The older two were able to help out but the others are a little young just yet. Rexy tried and ended with "these are how you tie shoes!" Next year he'll be able to join in and I know he can't wait!

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