Friday, December 4, 2009

The Days of Christmas: Day 4

Read Matthew 1: 18-21 - Why did Mary & Joseph name the baby Jesus?
Activity: Open the children's nativity

I was so excited to get this nativity from Fisher Price this year. I wanted the kids to have a nativity that they could play with and act out the story of the birth of our Saviour. This is incredibly durable as most all fisher price little people are. They have another nativity with lights, a backdrop, more characters and music but I believe part of the treasure of our Saviour's life is how simple his birth was, how pure. He didn't come to the world as a rich son of a king or with the world's sense of grandeur but rather in a simple stable with a young mother and an earthly father to care for him. He overcame the world! I don't need my children to have a depiction of the Saviour's birth with all the world's commercialism. I want it to be more about the characters not the extra fluff! The kids all seemed rather thrilled about a new toy. I had Rex open the box and then each child was able to take out a piece as I described each character's role. The little boys immediately started playing with it. Jack-Jack made sure Bubba knew that he was not to eat the baby Jesus or slobber on Mary. They'll get some wonderful time playing with these toys and actually learning more every time we talk about our Saviour throughout this holiday time!

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Shenille said...

LOL! I love the no eating or slobbering part! Joshua is a cut-up!