Monday, January 11, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Well since we've been ringing in the new year I guess it is about time I make some New Year resolutions. So here they are in no particular order:

  • Attend the temple with Zack once a month, this is always a challenge for me when I have a nursing baby but since Matthew is getting older I think he'll be just fine.
  • Grow a garden - this will be a good experience for us here in Saint George as the weather permits two growing seasons rather than just one. I am hoping to be able to live a little more off of our land and enjoy our harvest.
  • Play with the kids more - Who couldn't use a little more play time in their life, well those under the age of 18. I could use a little more in my everyday life so I figure I'll be playing with my kids a little more each day!
  • Attend the library story time with the boys! It is a great free activity that gets us all out of the house. The boys love it and it is completely geared toward their ages.
  • Exercise regularly - I am pretty good about getting into a routine but a few days of sick kids and I am completely off schedule so I am going to be more consistent even when there is a little more chaos at home, it really makes me a better mom anyway
  • Family scripture reading - we have been doing this for quite awhile but our stake presidency asked us to start over and read the Book of Mormon as a family. We got a little mark off chart to keep track. The kids are really good about it so we have started over and will be reading at least one chapter a night in hopes of getting the whole thing read by the end of the year!
  • Date my husband - are we the only ones who really struggle with this anymore? Between the cost of a babysitter and dinner it is hard to get the motivation to go out! We are going to take this challenge to a creative level since things are rather expensive to do anymore.
  • Household projects! I will refrain from posting what projects we will be doing this year but just plan on working to make our house a home a little more everyday - the little things make the most difference to me

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Keith and Laura said...

Thanks for sharing. I am always inspired to read others resolutions, but am too chicken to post my own. I would love to hear how you fit regular exercise into your schedule, and what type of exercise you do. You are not the only one who struggles to date. We would love to hear your great ideas for that, too.