Sunday, March 21, 2010

Zack's new side job!

After a rather yucky November and December we thought it best to find another "extra income" position for Zack. I was steered toward craigslist where I found a part time position as a GED tutor at Stevens Henager College here in Saint George. After going through all the hoops he started working there at the end of February. He seems to be enjoying it and the schedule is much better for both of us! We knew when he decided to pursue teaching that he would need to supplement our income since we both felt it was very important that I stay home with our babies. We have always been blessed with great opportunities for Zack and our family. This newest adventure is no different, we have been well guided by the Lord!


Brittany said...

I hope he likes his new side job. Love your train cake! Ah...can't believe he's one!

Darci said...

I am so glad that you guys have been so blessed. I sure miss you. Your littlest is adorable.