Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Celebration

We started our Easter celebration with a family home evening lesson on the symbols of Easter. I had 12 plastic eggs with an item that symbolized different aspects of the resurrection and a scripture to go along with it. The kids liked opening each egg and learned a little on the way. We were spoiled with a 4-day weekend to celebrate Easter and General Conference. We're not accustom to so much time with Zack but loved every minute! Friday night we had a BBQ in our backyard with Jennifer and her family! It was lots of fun for the kids and cousins. Saturday morning we went to breakfast and then headed over to the Walmart Easter Egg Hunt. It was very busy and crowded!! We have several Easter Egg Hunts to choose from here and each one is so different. Next year we're going to the Vernon Worthin Park to see how that one goes. Later on the girls and kids played at my parents' home while all the men went to the Priesthood Session of General Conference.

Sunday morning the kids were mysteriously visited by the Easter bunny with a sand pail filled with treats! They loved it! Matthew decided that he liked Joshua's football more than the dump truck so we made a quick swap before Joshua even knew! He was sleeping in; a case of the snooze you loose?!? In all honesty Joshua loved the dump truck and filled it with all his candy. When there are four boys close enough in age sometimes deciding which items goes to which can be a toss up, fortunately Matthew cleared that up for the Easter bunny and it worked out nicely! It was fun to see how excited all their little faces were when they saw their treasures! We watched general conference, ate a big breakfast and munched on candy all morning. For the afternoon session of conference we headed over to my parents for a Easter party! We had a potluck dinner, Easter games and of course an Easter egg hunt. The kids enjoyed themselves and so did the adults. It seemed to work out really well!

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