Saturday, May 1, 2010

Taylor's 7th Birthday

I took the little boys over to Taylor's school on Friday afternoon to celebrate his birthday with his classmates. We had donuts and made party hats! The kids loved it! I found the idea on His teacher was due to have her baby that day!

Taylor's birthday started out with a soccer game and then straight over to Denny's for breakfast with family. He was thrilled to go out for breakfast where he was showered with gifts and lots of good food. In the afternoon we headed over to the Ironman Race to watch the athletes cross the finish line and play in the water at the main street park. We'll be spending much of the summer playing in those splash pads!

We had his favorite dinner of pepperoni pizza! Taylor requested an ice cream cake so I went with the Oreo & Fudge Ice Cream cake from Kraft Foods. It was delicious and even looks so good! Taylor is just like his Mom, he'd rather skip the cake and go straight for the ice cream! I cannot believe he's already 7! He is such a sweet little man!

  • is incredible at taking care of things with little coaxing
  • is super responsible and pays attention to detail
  • works hard and loves playing
  • really friendly and has many good friends
  • very good at school: reading, spelling, math, drawing
  • enjoys learning new things

We love you buddy! Happy Birthday Taylor!

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