Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gingerbread Houses 2010

We decided to let the kids do gingerbread houses but to let them make their own instead of just using the kit like in years past. We used graham crackers and a great frosting recipe to get things started.

They loaded up their houses with candies and each had a very unique house that showed a little more personality! Joshua's house is voted as the craftiest house and most heavy! William is voted most livable and colorful, as it is a very solid structure even though he kept squeezing the frosting into his mouth instead of the house. He was able to add the most candy to his roof, at one point we almost had a cave in with all the candy being put up on the roof.

Taylor's has the most snow as he poured the remainder of his frosting onto the paper plate and then sprinkles galore, he has the best looking roof! Katelyn's is voted as the most sturdy as she took it apart a few times to make sure it was secure with additional frosting. She added frosted windows and copied Taylor's roof with a little of her own flair!

They all had fun even Dad and Mom, we all ate way too much sugar and laughed most the time! I would say it was a great night! Too bad Matthew slept through the whole thing or maybe that was a good thing?!?

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Shenille said...

FUN! Great pictures, nice houses, and CUTE kids!