Sunday, January 30, 2011

Joshua's 4th Birthday

My little man is 4 years old! Kids grow up way too fast... sometimes you feel like one phase will never end but then before you know it they are past it and on to the next thing! Joshua is a great kid! He loves his brothers and sister. He is incredibly smart and very creative. Joshua loves all things BOY! He has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. He is a big helper and makes sure his mommy is happy! We sure love our little man!

We threw Joshua a big boy birthday party at home with family. He was very specific on what cake he wanted for his birthday "a toy story cake with a bed on it," this was the day before his birthday mind you. That was a little complicated trying to figure out how to make a bed frame but Zack helped save the day when I about gave up on the whole thing! Let's just say, I don't like fondant! Joshua was showered with gifts and attention. He wasn't much for phone calls this time around and kept trying to hang up the phone before anyone could wish him a Happy Birthday! He's a little stinker that way! He loved having his cousins over and caused quite the ruckus downstairs with all their adventures while parents were visiting! He was very excited about his birthday and counted down all month. He'd get up and say did another day disappear? The night before his birthday, we told him when he woke up he would magically be four. When he got up, he said "there was no magic!" Happy Birthday Big Guy!

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