Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Matthew's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Matthew's birthday on Sunday since the weekdays are pretty crazy at our house. Matthew is very into Sesame street so we included all the basic fun of sesame street. He even decided to wear his Elmo Halloween costume!

He loved his cupcakes and was quite surprised as I made a point not to let him see until the party! He was so cute about blowing out each candle individually. Matthew was showered with lots of attention and gifts. He even got excited about his "monies"!

The kids all got hyped up on sugar and played hard. A very successful party!


Thompson Family said...

I CANNOT believe He is two already... where did those two years go! Adorable Party Alisha! You're such a good Mom!!!

Shenille said...

Looks like fun, Happy Birthday Matthew!

Jenny said...

Thats so cute! My little Lainey just turned two the beginning of Feb and we had a Elmo birthday party and I also made those Elmo cupcakes :-) Great minds think alike! Your kids are adorable!