Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Our spring break was rather blah this year! Matthew was sick with a fever for the first half but Zack managed to get our garden set up for the year since we didn't go anywhere. He had to work nights but played with the kids during the daytime. All the kids spent way too much time on the wii. It actually was to cold to go swimming when Matthew felt better so that was a bummer. It ended up being more for projects than play. The kids did get to go to the movies and play at the park so it wasn't too bad. Our original plans were a lot more fun but such is life!

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Troy and Heather said...

I wish it was a rule that spring break required warm weather. We didn't get so lucky with the warmest weather this year. At least it is nice knowing noone has to wake up to get ready for school though, yay for that.