Sunday, May 1, 2011

Taylor's 8th Birthday

Taylor's 8th Birthday was a huge party! We invited 18 kids including my own 5 to party at Jumpin' Jacks, a party place with bounce houses galore. The kids all had a blast and we stuffed them with ice cream cake just in time for parents to come and get them! It was lots of fun and I am sure Taylor won't forget this birthday party anytime soon! Even the smallest of kids had fun!

My Uncle Cliff and Aunt Lisa came down with Clint, Sean and Luke to visit, so they joined in on the festivities! There was also family who live in town, my dad, TJ, Jennifer with Braxton, Awsten and Hailey, Stephanie, Jaerick, and Tim showed up towards the end, plus Taylor invited 6 of his friends to make the party even better! He was spoiled rotten with lots of fun gifts, a good time and friends and family too!

My Grandpa Belt put on a Thanksgiving type dinner at my parents' house on Sunday. We decided to include a little more festivities for Taylor since everyone was getting together on his actual birthday. He was again showered with more presents, great food and family to celebrate.

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