Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pioneer Day Weekend 2011

We headed up to Panguitch Lake with my family this year for the Pioneer Day weekend. Brandon and Goldie even came all the way from Detroit to join us. Each family was in charge of a time for games and my parents brought their 4-wheelers which most people used whenever a chance arose. My parents did a doughnut on a string competition, Stephanie and Tim had a relay, Jennifer and Cameron did another relay and Zack and I did several minute to win-it games. It turned out to be lots of fun!

The kids had lots of fun and were able to play with their cousins and have lots of fun just being kids. For me being pregnant and camping don't mix, my dad had brought a cot to make it a little more comfortable which helped. It was much cooler up in the mountains but July is hot pretty much everywhere!

We'll see where we head next year!

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