Monday, November 14, 2011

Time sure flies when your having fun

Our sweet baby Brooklyn is one month old already! She is 22" long and weighs 10 pounds. She is such a joy to our family. We all loving her sweet spirit and content ways. She is a very easy going baby which is such a blessing. Brooklyn didn't take to nursing but loves the bottle instead. This was very discouraging at first but we are adjusting well. She was rapidly losing weight the first couple weeks and after supplementing she refused to nurse. Rather than fighting it, we succumbed to the bottle. Now she is more content and gaining weight steadily. Brooklyn loves bath time with her big brothers, Matthew and Joshua. She just relaxes completely in the warmth of the water and coos. She enjoys being surrounded by people and doesn't like to be alone. This is a blessing at our house as it is very full of happy and loving but loud children. Her brothers absolutely adore her and Katelyn is just like a second mother to her. Katelyn immediately goes to her with every cry. They have a sweet sisterly bond that will continue to grow as she gets older.

A couple weeks ago we were able to travel up north for two days where Charles and Erica's baby Reed's blessing took place in Roy, Utah. Brooklyn was a trooper! She traveled very well, now Matthew was a different story but she slept most of the trip. We were able to show off our little miss to lots of family who wouldn't be able to meet her otherwise. Traveling with such a young baby can be rather overwhelming. I'm thankful she was so relaxed and calm for the most part. We survived without any breakdowns just snow storms going to and from. It does make Saint George a little more appealing after traveling on snowy roads.

Brooklyn is adjusting to sleeping at nights but hasn't quite mastered that one yet. She is still getting up every three hours to eat and play. We'll keep working on it. She lets me know when she's hungry as she has a nice healthy scream that sends me in rush mode. She smiles all the time and loves kisses! She doesn't care much for being strapped in her car seat but is fine when it's all over. Brooklyn melts into you when you hold her, which I just love! We feel so blessed to have our sweet baby with us. She brings such a light to our family. I'm so thankful that Heavenly Father has entrusted this sweet little girl to our care.

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Shenille said...

I'm so glad you all came! It was such a bonus to get to meet both babies and spend time with everyone. Thanks for making the trip!